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IPLS 2021 Exhibition

LEMON MOON presented its new products at the IPLS 2021 exhibition

The LEMON MOON brand has once again returned to the IPLS exhibition, which was held from June 8 to 9 at Crocus Expo. IPLS 2021 is the 8th international exhibition of contract manufacturing and own trademarks.

The company LLC "Abrasive technologies" presented new products and already well-established LEMON MOON products for home cleaning. For the first time, the guests of the stand saw new sponges and cloths with an antibacterial effect, which use a bactericidal additive that keeps the sponge fresh for a long time and prevents the spread of bacteria. Also, the visitors of the exhibition learned about our new sponges with an innovative abrasive coating: Elastic Scrub. Elastic Scrub is an elastic cleaning material with polymer particles. The strong polymer structure of this coating ensures effective cleansing of various surfaces. The wavy face will help to gently clean ceramics, glass, kitchen appliances, and cutlery. The technology provides gentle but effective cleaning.

With LEMON MOON – it's nice to clean and easy to maintain shine and cleanliness in the house. More information about the exhibition can be found on the website

Always yours, LEMONMOON