LEMON MOON Family pack

The cleaning kit includes:

1) Sponge scourers. Perfect for all general purpose cleaning: dishwashing, cleaning kitchen sinks and cooking stoves. PU foam is for gentle cleaning and abrasive scourer is for removing stubborn dirt.

  • Classic sponge scourers.
  • Sponge scourers with a nail grip. Comfortable to hold, protect the manicure from damage.
  • Non scratch sponge scourers. Gently clean delicate surfaces.

Composition: PU foam, nonwoven abrasive. Quantity: 20 items.

2) Multipurpose household cloths. Excellent for dusting, washing and wiping. - Good water absorption. - Strong and durable. - Soft texture. Composition: viscose, polyester. Quantity: 3 items. Size: 30х38 cm.

3) Cellulose sponge cloths. Instantly absorb moisture. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Composition: regenerated cellulose. Quantity: 3 items. Size: 15x18 cm.

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Sku: L702
Product name Family pack
Sponge scourers 20 pcs
Multipurpose household cloths 3 pcs
Cellulose sponge cloths 3 pcs
Pcs.per carton 15
  • For any cleaning task and each cleaning surface

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