Natural fiber kitchen sponges Agave, 3 pcs., extra strong abrasive

Eco-friendly products by LEMON MOON. The scrub side is made with a part of natural sisal fibers from the agave plant, Plant-based yet effective in removing residues and burnt-in food from dishes and kitchen surfaces.

TERSO Premium Quality Abrasive

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Sku: L124
Product name Kitchen sponges with scrub pad made with natural Agave fibers
Size 116*76*36 mm
Abrasive Heavy-duty – power scrub abrasive
Abrasive colour Natural beige
Quantity 3
Pcs.per carton 20 packs
  • Scrub pad with a part of natural sisal (agave) fibers
  • Eco-friendly carton packaging
  • Extra large size
  • Great foaming due to large cells

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