Lilac-scented dish sponges, 5 pcs., two types of abrasive

NEW! Dish sponges with lilac aroma. Bright design and 2 types of srub pad in one package.

Violet power scrub abrasive is for tough dirt, white soft scourer is for gentle cleaning.

Lilac aroma makes cleaning the kitchen enjoyable task.

TERSO Premium Quality Abrasive

Sku: L122
Product name Sponges for dishes "Lilac"
Size 100*71*35 mm
Abrasive Heavy-duty – power scrub abrasive, soft abrasive
Abrasive colour Violet, white
Quantity 5 sponges
Pcs.per carton 10 packs
  • Delicate scent of lilac
  • 2 types of srub pad in one package
  • Extra foaming due to large cells

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