Kitchen sponges RETRO 'Apricot', 5 pcs., extra strong abrasive + soft abrasive

NEW! Retro design sponge scourers. Unique color palette of pastel shades.

Black TERSO abrasive for intensive cleaning and white TERSO abrasive for delicate cleaning..

Perfect for kitchen cleaning: dishwashing, cleaning sinks and cooking stoves.

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TERSO Premium Quality Abrasive

Sku: L012
Product name Sponge scourers
Size 100x71 mm
Abrasive Heavy-duty – power scrub abrasive, soft abrasive
Abrasive colour Black, white
Quantity 5
Pcs.per carton 10
  • TERSO Premium Quality Abrasive
  • Unique color palette
  • Large size

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